About Meerschaum



What Is Meerschaum?
Meerschaum, contrary to popular belief, is not the fossilizedremains of sea creatures, but a

mineral: Hydrous Magnesium Silcate, it is foundfrom 30 to 450 feet below the surface of 

the earth near the town of Eskişehir,Türkiye.


Why Is Meerschaum Used For Pipes?

Meerschaum’s magnesium content provides strength while thehydrogen and oxygen

contribute porosity. As one of nature’s  lightest and

most porous substances,Meerschaum

is a natural filter. This natural absorbenchy causes the pipe toslowly change colour.

Why Smoke Meerschaum?

During archaeological researches conducted in order to sheldlight on this distant past,

it has been established, that people knewmeerschaum 5000 years ago and used it for

various purposes in the course oftime. However, meerschaum became popular throughout

absorbs great amounts ofmoisture org as when subjected to them
after having been dried, and retainsresidues in the moisture org as and holds them

in its textture. Meerschaum pipes also draw the tar from the tobaccoi which is a sticky

dark residue leftbehind when the leaves are burned. Over time , this tar gives the mineral

abrownish hue that deepens the more the pipe is used.